We hope you’ll be going to MODEX 2020

Russ Hutton will be presenting on Tuesday at 1:30 pm, at JDA/BlueYonder- Booth #7266

“Can your WMS handle Peak Season of 10X or more?”
WMS flawless integration with Ecommerce Order Processing.
We teamed with JDA/BlueYonder WMS and our Order FulfillmentPartner(FastFetch) to create a solution incorporating changes to the BuySeasons JDA/BlueYonder WMS and new strategies and technologies in their picking processes. After analyzing BuySeasons’ historical order data, it was concluded that orders should be partitioned into three distinct classes: single-item baggable orders, non-baggable orders, and multi-item baggable orders. The BuySeasons JDA/BlueYonder WMS was modified to flag each order with its class, so the FastFetch software could automatically optimize and create batch orders.


  • Peak season BuySeasons was able to ship 34% more orders
  • 15% less labor on their single biggest day
  • Scaled back from 3 full shifts down to 1 12-hour shift during their peak season

The ROI on the system was less than 12 month full payback!