At Ascension Logistics, we’re constantly striving to lead the field and develop useful tools and services for our clients. Recently, we launched 4 new tools to create even more value to our services, and help our clients get the most out of their WMS systems. To learn more about these tools, download their respective brochures below.

Adaptive Slotting

Adaptive Slotting includes visibility to items movement, re-slotting recommendations, and integrated WMS directed work to re-slot the location. In addition the solution can be easily extended to add business specific slotting calculations.
Download the Adaptive Slotting Brochure »

RF DDA Module

You can now have DDAs on the RF.  Full RF functionality – capability to add Function keys and ability to flow to or from any current RF form.  No need for source code compilations and considerable reduction in RF form development time and cost.  If running on a tablet all DDA forms developed for GUI can be displayed.
Download the RF DDA Brochure »

Environment Diff Tool

Very handy and critical for global deployment where you have multiple instances of the same application.  The Environment Differential Toolkit takes the guess work out of your business, allowing for rapid reconciliation of environment discrepancies.
Download the Environment Diff Toolkit Brochure »

Operations Visibility

Keep your operation moving forward with OpsViz by quickly generating relevant reports with little effort.  Simple answers to complex problems.  Augment visibility quickly by adding pre-packaged or custom reports.  Simple interface of question and answer.
Download the Ops Viz Brochure »