Ascension Logistics announces Adaptive Slotting as the next topic in their ongoing free educational webinar series. Featuring Adaptive Slotting for JDA WMS, the webinar will be presented by Jonathan Nazario, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Ascension Logistics and will take place at 1pm on Wednesday, June 14th.

With this solution, businesses can handle complex slotting requirements and manage re-slotting directly from their JDA WMS platform.  

Join us on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, for a FREE Educational Webinar featuring Adaptive Slotting for JDA WMS. Join us and register at the link below.


Webinar Key Points:

  • Slotting Solution for JDA WMS
    • Manage Re-Slotting Analysis and Directed Work from the WMS
  • Slotting Plan Summary for fast decision making
  • Slotting correctly will:
    • Optimize the Picking flow
    • Reduce Emergency Replenishments
  • Adaptive Slotting
    • Designed to handle your business complex rules
    • Leverage WMS & Labor information directly
    • Connect to external system to feed forecasting
    • Configure multiple Strategies for the different business needs
  • Estimated saving of 8-15% from successfully slotting a warehouse