Ascension Logistics is headed to JDA Focus 2017 and is proud to feature laser light picking technology. Our technology combines voice, bluetooth barcode scanning and coupled Light-Directed picking to improve operations in distribution and manufacturing environments.


  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Improves picking efficiency and accuracy
  • Eliminates need for auditing and packing
  • Reduces training time: Easy to operate by new pickers, including visually impaired
    or hearing impaired workers


  • Fast: Pickers easily find the right location and pick accurately without consulting
    paper pick slips.
  • Accurate: Simple directions minimize picking errors and eliminate the need for audits
    after picking.
  • Optimizes Warehouse Traversal: Directs the picker along the shortest path for
  • Cluster Picking/Putting: Pickers are directed to retrieve the same SKU for multiple
    orders or multiple SKUs for a single order, thus reducing walking time between carts
    and bays.
  • Batch Order Processing: A batch with as many as 255 orders on a cart can be
    picked on one trip through the warehouse.
  • Distributed Operation: Unlike conventional pick-to-light systems, requires no
    expensive, central computer to control storage bay or cart lights.
  • Configurable: Supports Reverse Logistics, Two Phase Pick/Put and Dynamic
  • Flexible: Allows a mix of lighted an non-lighted locations on carts and bays.
  • Simple: Easy installation and interface to warehouse management system.
  • Affordable: ROI payback period is usually between 6 and 12 months.