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Implementing a Warehouse management system involves a blend of supply chain functional knowledge and information technology expertise. Clients can easily find any number of middlemen and consultants who claim to offer WMS services, but buyer beware.

We humbly offer that only individuals with explicit experience earned while managing multiple WMS initiatives, in a variety of industry and process contexts, can possibly comprehend or hope to be successful in such an undertaking. And to up the stakes, WMS implementations occur in the very heart of any company’s supply chain, the warehouse . Translation: failure comes at a painfully high cost.


WMS projects tend to take the form of one or more of the following high-level scopes:

  • WMS Implementation
  • Warehouse Configuration
  • SCE Technology / Vendor Selection
  • WMS, OMS or LMS Version Upgrade
  • Integrator – In and Outbound Integration
  • Performance Testing and Tuning
  • Data Conversion – Legacy/Host Systems
  • Report Writer Design & Develop
  • DDA Design & Development
  • Advanced System Policies
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Facility & Data Readiness
  • Go Live and Stabilization Support
  • Program and Project Management
  • System Monitoring Tools Design & Dev
Ascension Logistics veterans have successfully implemented scores of WMS projects with ease, in a multitude of industries and countries. Count on Ascension Logistics to help you become limitless in your warehouse.


Optimize your warehouse efficiency with LMS Solutions from Ascension Logistics. Labor Management Systems increase customer service, product velocity, warehouse efficiency and collaboration while simultaneously reducing labor costs and decreasing employee turnover. Our LMS solutions give you visibility to:

  • Understand how staff is performing against engineered standards
  • Use ‘what-if’ analysis to determine optimal staff composition
  • Forecast and plan labor by day, shift, job and zone
  • Forecast staffing requirements and optimize employee schedules
  • Optimize overtime, regular and temporary labor based on demand forecasts
  • Use mobile capabilities to facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
  • Calculate incentive pay and feed into payroll systems

Keep up with your customers needs for labor management with Ascension Logistics and become limitless.


At Ascension Logistics, we take slotting optimization to a whole new level by developing simplified slotting solutions for our clients. We’ve created a proprietary solution that provides your warehouse with the necessary basic needs for re-slotting. This includes visibility to items movement, re-slotting recommendations, and integrated WMS directed work to re-slot the location. In addition the solution can be easily extended to add business specific slotting calculations. As a result, your warehouse will be easier to manage and will yield increased revenues and greater productivity. All at an unbeatable value.

Slotting optimization will help you:

  • Determine the best location for each of your products
  • Leverage existing information from your archive data
  • Visibility and knowledge about product movement
  • Slot different area groups with their own slotting strategy
  • Fast performing solution and flexible to your needs
  • Integrated WMS Directed Work to re-slot locations


Hosted Transportation Management System (TMS)


  • Enter Shipment Details.
    User Enters Details or Data Received from ERP/SAP
  • Contact ALL Carriers.
    Our servers connect with all connected carriers to request pricing.
  • Retrieve ALL Pricing Offers.
    Present all pricing options in one screen to compare.
  • Select BEST Shipping Option.
    User selects winning carrier / shipping method.
  • Generate Shipping Label.
    User prints shipping label to local printer.
  • Notify Carrier of Shipment.
    Winning Carrier gets notification of shipment & pickup request.
  • Retrieve Tracking Number.
    Carrier issues tracking number to shipment and shipment is live.
  • Notify Customer w/ Tracking.
    Recipient receives notification of shipment with tracking number.
  • Verify Shipping Charges.
    System stores and verifies shipping charges for accuracy.
  • Run Reports / Analyze History.
    All shipment history is available for download & reporting.


  • Combine & Optimize Shipments
    Combine Shipments to find the most effective shipping method. Reduce costs by 40% through our Optimization module, which ensure that shipments are combined to reduce shipping costs.
  • Eliminate Employee Shipping Abuse & Errors
    Most clients can reduce their shipping costs by 10.3% by simply elimnating self-inflicted errors they don’t even know are happening. Yes, 10.3% of your costs can be avoided! Eliminate unnecessary charges such as address corrections, shipping corrections, and service abuse including unnecessary overnight shipping.
  • Turn Shipping Into a Profit Center
    Use Dynamic markup rules to turn freight into a profit center. Eliminating shipping abuse and introducing MEASURABLE best practices will ensure that objectives are met. Introduciton of alternative carrier options including regional carriers and empty trucks will ensure the highest level of service is met at the lowest cost.
  • Diversify Carrier Network
    Strengthen your carrier network and reduce dependence on National Carriers. Integrate with more than 725 Freight and Parcel Carriers, who willl provide live carrier connection to your accounts. Integrate real-time data and shipping to ensure the most up-to-date data is available to plan, execute, and analyze shipping practices.
  • Seamless ERP / SAP Integration
    Seamless integration into existing Enterprise systems. Improve your work flow to add efficiency and speed to your shipment execution process. Improved processes not only save money, but allow for better customer service. Automate Order Fulfillment, Customer Markup Logic, and Turn Freight into a Profit Center.
  • Easy Web – Interface
    Easy to use web interface. Available anywhere in the world utilizing the most cutting edge web design and technology in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. NO EMPLOYEE TRAINING REQUIRED.
  • No Installation / Support
    Nothing to download nor install. Your personnel can start saving money in a matter of minutes. Nothing required from IT department or any other company resources to begin shipping today.
  • Unlimited Shipping Locations
    Setup all of your shipping locations easily (or we can do it for you). No limit to the number of locations, which can be setup and no charge per location. Nothing to download nor install makes for ease of deployment amongst all departments and divisions.
  • Easy User Management
    Quickly setup and manage different user types. Allow some users to view reports by department, schedule shipments, or merely quote shipping charges. View reports by user and take control over user permissions.
  • Why Ascension Logistics?
    Ascension specializes in shipping analysis, benchmarking, auditing, and reduction of shipping costs. We apply experience from working for freight carriers from multiple modes into our technology to ensure best practices are utilized for each and every shipment.