Supply Chain profitability can often be detoured by high transportation costs. But Ascension Logistics can help you implement the new JDA Transportation Management System (TMS) and put you back in the driver’s seat. JDA’s powerful solution creates sustainable value by synchronizing all your critical transportation processes — and implementation with Ascension makes for a smooth transition and excellent service along the way.


TMS Technical Assessment Services:

We perform a complete health check of your TM Technical status, and assess TMS Architecture, High Availability, Load Balancing , maintenance of TMS Technical Standards, TMS Integration, TMS Database standards and any other specific issues you are facing. We provide an assessment report covering any available scenarios and provide a comprehensive action plan.

TMS Functional Assessment Services:

We provide a complete evaluation of your current TMS functionalities to gain an understanding of your current functional design & solution. We perform a high-level analysis on functional scenarios &amp. We provide an assessment report covering any available scenarios and provide a comprehensive action plan.

TMS Technical Implementation Services:

We will deploy /upgrade your TMS Applications with industry best practices. We execute in the fastest available timeframe so as to reduce overall implementation timelines. Example of our services include:

  • Quicker Deployment of TMS Application
  • Deploying High Availability & Load Balancing Solution which ensures up-time to 99.99%
  • Upgrade the older JDA TMS Systems to Latest TMS Versions
  • Integration of TMS with other systems like SAP, WMS & Order Management Systems
  • Enabling Single-Sign on Integration with Client Authentication Systems
  • Configuring TMS to have authenticated Multi-LDAP Systems

TMS Hardware Sizing & Performance Assessment Services:

After basic assessment, we will make recommendations for required Hardware Sizing to achieve superior results, faster run times and increased efficiencies. We also provide the below services:

  • Performance Assessments
  • Advance Performance Tuning & Architecture Design
  • Load, Stress and Scalability Performance Testing

TMS Integration Using ABPP \Java Services:

We can integrate TMS Applications using ABPP\Java with other systems like SAP, WMS & Order Management Systems using middle-ware tools like TIBCO, IBM MQ & Webservices. Examples of our services include:

  • Using ABPP\Java Layers, Apply transformation Logic for the Inbound & Outbound interfaces for TMS
  • Create additional Custom Tailored UI’s using ABPP\Java and integrate with TMS UI & Smartbench
  • Integration between TMS & EDI Systems


We know our structured and proven TMS methodology helps guide you through the implementation process, but our work speaks for itself. Our experience, our relentless commitment to success, and our upfront planning methodology, Implementation RoadMap, sets us apart from the competition.
Below we outline some of our TMS Implementation successes:

  • Increased Up-Time: Customer was having stability issues with their JDA TMS Application with frequent downtime which impacted their Transportation Planning & Execution. We fine-tuned the TMS Technical Configurations and implemented the High Availability & Load Balancing Solution which increased the TMS Application up-time to 99.5%.
  • Efficiency is Key: Customer was using 3rd party tool to manage their dock schedules which was time consuming & not effective in building loads. We enabled the dock scheduling functionality in TMS to automate the process which helped in boosting efficiency.
  • Competitive Rates: For a major Beer manufacturer, planners were manually communicating with carriers to execute loads on special lanes which was time consuming and was not getting competitive rates. We implemented JDA TM Freight Auction functionality which facilitated the publication of loads created in TM to a Private Auction with the desired set of carriers. Due to this, they were able to automate the Load Tendering process completely with competitive rates.
  • Optimization: A major Consumer goods manufacturer was having issues with their poor optimization plan output quality. We tuned the Planning Horizon Windows and implemented effective consolidation optimization techniques which in-turn increased the load efficiency & reduced their manual intervention in building loads
  • Upgrade: For another TMS customer, we successfully upgraded from TMS 8.0 to TMS 2017.2 with zero issues within a short 8 week time frame.

In an increasingly complex and challenging supply chain environment, JDA TMS has the power to create strategic differentiation and drive profitability. Working in concert with the requirements and constraints across the Intelligent Fulfillment™ spectrum, JDA TMS will respond with iteratively optimized transportation plans that meet the needs of the business at the lowest possible cost. JDA TMS also has separate inbound and outbound processes and technology and centralized transportation models.

Contact us today to see how we can help you take control of your TMS and get you back on the road to supply chain success.