Real-time Connections

Web-based API connects directly to carriers to provide better rating in dynamic LTL and TL markets where table-based rating requires complex setups and time to replicate the carrier’s rating method. Parcel API transactions benefit by avoiding the technical maintenance needed to stay current with your carrier-discounted rates either after the annual GRI or revenue band discount management.

Integration of All Major Modes

Supported by a powerful and flexible architecture, the system supports multiple modes of transportation to include parcel, LTL, and TL freight. Simultaneous requests to multiple carriers can be made in sub-second speeds through multiple processing threads by using the most current carrier rating data.

Execution with Post Audit

Planning, execution, visibility, audit, and analytics for both inbound and outbound shipments are all on the same platform. The application builds synergy between these most important nodes of the transportation workflow. Legacy TMS systems do not provide the same depth of freight audit and pay functionality.

Ease of Integration

We know that integration with your supply chain is paramount to becoming a meaningful partner, so we have developed our own integration mapping tools to allow for supply chain execution convergence with easy connections for the most complex supply chain operations.

Ease of Use

The user interface has been designed to bring the same look and feel of contemporary applications found on the web today, which will reduce training time and promote an intuitive operation with fewer errors.

Advanced System Architecture

The TMS suite has been built using the most advanced open-source software templates and tools available today, offering substantial benefits over older systems. You can perform enhancements and personalization in a fraction of the time, upgrades have minimal disruptions to the core system, and interfacing with other systems has been simplified.